July 15th, 2014

 They need water / Good, good water / We need water Part 3


We’ll keep on rolling here in Part III and talk about tips on water consumption and how to have clean, quality water at your disposal on a regular basis.

Purchase a High Quality Filter: Like mentioned in part 2, you will want to purchase a water filter that will RE-mineralize your water, not just filter out the bad stuff. By having a high quality filtration system in your home, this will help you to have proper water at your disposal for everything from your kids water bottles to your ice cubes to your cooking water. Santevia has multiple options on their website, including portable options. If you’re in or around Ottawa, Kardish has them for sale and/or can order them in for you.

Add Sea Salt: Adding a pinch of high quality himalayan sea salt (other unprocessed sea salts work as well) will also remineralize your water and helps your body absorb the water as opposed to it just flushing right through you.

Sipping vs. Gulping : Sipping water, first and foremost, is more efficient for your digestion. Gulping large amounts of water will dilute your stomach acid during digestion rendering it less efficient. Your saliva has a life force to it. Swishing around a mouthful of water is also beneficial to “re-energize” or add that “lifeforce” back into the water not only to aid in digestion, but also to warm the water up.

Drink Room Temperature Water More Often Than Cold Water: Drinking cold water takes energy from your body in order to warm it up in which it will just sit in your stomach until it reaches body temperature.

Don’t Drink During Meals: Try to drink water 15-30 minutes before having your meal as it will aid in digestion, and conversely, drink no sooner than 15 minutes after your meal. If you drink during your meal, just like gulping water, it will alter your digestive fluids rendering them less efficient. They literally get watered down.

A Few More Healthy Tips:

  •  Drink 500ML – 1L or so right when you wake up in the AM as sleeping will dehydrate the body.
  • Store water in a cool dark area to avoid light penetration.
  • Drink water regularly throughout the day
  • If purchasing bottled water, look for the top quality brands such as Evian, and Fiji.
  • Drink out of glass as often as possible as it will never release chemicals into your drinking water unlike plastic or aluminum.
  • Add lemon or lime wedges, or an essential oil to make your water more flavorful.


With chi,