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CHI Training Studio transformed my life.

I arrived injured, exhausted, stressed, confused and with a long time diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  I had digestion, skin and sleep issues along with constant pain that prevented me from participating in physical and social activities and kept me from the career that I loved.

I am now constantly greeted with the words “You look so vibrant!”, “You look amazing!” and “OMG…What is your secret?”.  Besides being down 5 sizes and being off all prescription medication, I am feeling confident, energetic, calm and at peace.

I absolutely love, and look forward to, my weekly training sessions.  They are always filled with positive energy and useful information, freely shared by my kind, caring and compassionate CHEK Practitioner.  Life is really good!


Francine Bateman


I believe that everything happens for a reason. I found Chris through a random online search. Being a  CHEK HLC 2 and CHEK Exercise Coach myself, I had very high standards when looking for my own coach. Enter Chris Leblanc.

I arrived at the CHI studio feeling lost. I was in the middle of my 5th concussion (not a typo). Being a police officer I was very stressed that I was again unable to work regular duties.  I had also pulled my hamstring in the previous year and was unable to play hockey and sprint (two of the things I enjoy the most)

After an assessment with Chris, it was clear that I needed help. It was also clear that Chris was the guy to help. Chris’s knowledge is second to none. His personality and his ability to explain every part of the process made the experience very pleasant.

After only 12 weeks of Chris’s program, I’m not only concussion  free and back to duty, I’m returning to hockey in September and I’m close to resuming sprinting. My head has moved back a full centimeter and a half (it was 3 CM too far forward !), my posture has dramatically improved and I feel like I finally have a plan.

I’m truly amazed by Chris. He truly is a world class coach and an even better person.  I would recommend Chris to anybody who is looking to look or feel better, improve athletic performance or rehabilitate an injury (chronic or acute). My investment with Chris is quickly paying off and I’m looking forward to long term guidance. Thank you Chris !

Andre Gallant